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Boom, Baby!

It started when I had a bad fall in 2015 that left me with a head injury. During my (nearly 2 years) of healing, my swirling brain kept seeing colorful scarves, silks of magenta and scarlet and persimmon. India, my mind told me as if it was reminding me of something I’d forgotten. When you’re better, go to India. It sounded like a beautiful idea, not the least bit far-fetched, and I’d fall back into that fuzzy, concussed sleep, dreaming of the Arabian Sea and monkeys and ashrams.

Now, I’m actually going! They say whoever travels in India comes back transformed. So I’m letting go. No planned outcomes. No social mission. No tour, no overdoing it, no trying to see all the vastness of India in one trip. Nope, just being in the place that’s right for me now–soaking, noticing, appreciating, keeping my five senses alive to the experience.

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I’ll hold tight to my passport, phone and money. I’ll stick to my plan of lots of slow train travel to homestays in the south, in Kerala, surrounded by tea plantations, and wild animal reserves. I’ll plan to breathe, get massages, write, watch the monkeys and birds, and learn a few new ideas that may inspire me on my continued journey. My trip ends with two weeks at a meditation center with yoga and Ayurvedic study.

​My travel companion can’t make it…so I decided to start this blog. That way you guys—you readers—can be my travel buddies along the way. I did so much solitary traveling (mostly in Europe) when I was young, now I’d rather have someone to share my experiences. In advance, I thank you for listening. I’ll be leaving on November 19, so keep me company!