Truth and Salsa
By Linda Lowery
Peachtree Publishers - HARDCOVER
Grade 4-7

From School Library Journal:  When Hayley Flynn's parents separate, the 12-year-old is sent to live with her grandmother in Mexico for six months. After she arrives, she becomes fast friends with a neighbor, Lili, and the two girls have a series of adventures, including solving a mystery about a ghost and being extras in a movie starring a local heartthrob. But all is not well in San Miguel. Some of the villagers who work in the States as migrant laborers are being cheated out of their salaries and cannot pay their way home. Hayley begins an e-mail campaign that helps to resolve the problem, and the men, including Lili's dad, are finally reunited with their loved ones. Hayley is a refreshing heroine, warm and realistic, who struggles with her sadness about her fractured family and expresses herself through painting. 

"The writing is engaging, and Lowery has created a strong sense of place through vivid descriptions of local festivals, scenery, and day-to-day life in the town."
–Melissa Christy Buron, Epps Island Elementary, Houston, TX.  Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Day Dead.jpg

Day of the Dead  
By Linda Lowery - Illustrated by Barbara Knutson
Carolrhoda Books – HARDCOVER & SOFTCOVER - Ages 4 and up
Available in English and in Spanish 
"Combining woodblock-style illustrations and a text addressed to 'you,' this easy-to-read title introduces various aspects of the Dia de los Muertos celebrations common to Mexican and many Mexican-American communities.  Noting roots in both Aztec and Catholic traditions, Lowery shows how the cycle of the growing season is tied to the cycle of human birth, life, and death and explains how the memorialization of the dead during this period of festivity is a time for joy rather than sorrow. Non-Latino youngsters will enjoy the links between Halloween and the Day of the Dead traditions and will shiver with pleasure at the decorations and treats-prominently featuring bones and skeletons-that may seem slightly ghoulish to those unfamiliar with the holiday." -- Coop Renner -- School Library Journal


Twist With A Burger, Jitter With A Bug 
By Linda Lowery - Illustrations by Pat Dypold
MaxBooks - SOFTCOVER - Ages 4 and up
► ALA Notable Book

Readers can snap! rap! and tap! to the mambo, polka, twist, jitterbug, jive, boogie, hula, rumba, and waltz in this exuberant picture book that celebrates dance. "Lowery folds a drumbeat into her book about all kinds of high-stepping. . . This particular treatment is modern and original." - Kirkus Reviews

Dance a mambo/ snap to a rap/ put on your cleats and tap, tap, tap,' exhorts Lowery in this blithe boogie through different dance styles."-- Diane Roback -- Publisher's Weekly
"Bold, brash cut-paper collages in bright neon colors illustrate an exuberant rhyme about music and dance--all kinds of dance, from polka and mambo to jitterbug, waltz, and ballet. The pages bounce with play and movement ("Boogie in the bathtub, hula-hula dance, rumba if you wanna, in your underpants" ), and kids will enjoy clapping and acting out the rhythmic beat."
 -- Hazel Rochman -- Booklist
"What a terrific introduction to the rhythms of all kinds of dance!  Reading this book aloud could make everybody want to dance." -- Judy Silverman -- Children's Literature


Martin Luther King Jr. Day  
By Linda Lowery - Illustrated by Hetty Mitchell
Carolrhoda Books - HARDCOVER & SOFTCOVER - Ages 4 and up

“An accessible work of nonfiction that fills a gap in information about American heroes. And it shows, in simple text, that ordinary people can bring about extraordinary results.”
-- Publishers Weekly    
This small book covers a lot of ground, by providing an overview of the history of how the holiday came to be and suggestions on how to celebrate it. More importantly, it sheds life on the man behind the holiday; a brief overview of King's life. Children will read about King's childhood, education, his exposure to Ghandi, his participation in the Civil Rights Movement, his assassination and much more. While the illustrations are not particularly elaborate, they mesh well with the story and add to the overall experience of the book. Reading this book as a family on Martin Luther King Day could be a fantastic new tradition and will help children learn that the holiday is more than a day off from school. -- Stacey Seay -- The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

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Trick or Treat, It's Halloween! 
By Linda Lowery and Richard Keep
Random House - SOFTCOVER - Ages 4 and up

 ► New York Times Best-Selling Paperback

This unique rhyming Pictureback® takes young kids through the celebrated routine of trick-or-treating--alphabetically! "Apples dunked in caramel goo, Bats out playing peek-a-boo, Cats come creeping, black and lean. Trick or treat--it's Halloween!" The striking collage-style art in bold colors is sure to be a hit with little trick-or-treaters everywhere.

"This is the kind of book that would come out every Halloween at my house to share with my children. The simple rhyming one-line text is placed in a waving motion throughout the illustrations on each page. It has a continuous flow that catches the reader's attention. The illustrations consist of a menagerie of monsters and spooks haunting every page. The colors are bright and cheerful. It is a fun book that any youngster would enjoy." -- Children's Literature Falls Times Recorder 
"Lowery and her husband teamed up to create an amusing picture book with a hidden opportunity for learning: the first letter of each page spells the alphabet.  Lowery (and Keep's) meter and rhyme are 'flawless,' a reviewer wrote in the Tampa Tribune, and because of this, another reviewer (Elizabeth Devereaux) noted in Publisher's Weekly, 'the A - Z progression seems effortless.' " -- Something About the Author 


Laurie Tells 
By Linda Lowery - Illustrated by John Eric Karpinski
MaxBooks - SOFTCOVER - Ages 9 and up

► Fassler Award Winner -- Association for the Care of Children's Health
 "Excellent portrayal of feelings experienced by a child who has been sexually abused by her own father. I have used this book for sexual abuse prevention programs conducted for fifth-graders, and they were very engaged by the narrative. I wish this book were in all middle school libraries, so that children experiencing this same loneliness and pain would be empowered to reach out for help. Written in a sensitive, non-graphic manner, the message in this book is encouraging and hopeful. Special bonuses are the almost poetic voice and imagery and the outstanding illustrations. Highly recommended!"  - Reader Review
"This little gem of a book will be a treasured friend for children who face troubled home lives, and all readers will come away from it with a deepened understanding of the difficult journey that abused children face." --Carolyn Polese -- School Library Journal
"Poignant, authentic-sounding, first-person narrative that both makes its point (abuse must be revealed) and packs an emotional wallop." -- Stephanie Zvirin – Booklist


Pablo Picasso
By Linda Lowery - Illustrated by Janice Lee Porter
Carolrhoda Books - HARDCOVER & SOFTCOVER - Ages 4 and up
Available in English and in Spanish
► 2000 Parents' Choice® Approved winner
"Both accurate and accessible to upper elementary school students, particularly less than proficient readers, this book's text and painterly, full color illustrations provide a detailed account of Pablo Picasso's life and art. A brief timeline is a helpful feature whether reading for entertainment or research for a book report."  -- Parents' Choice. 


The Chocolate Tree
By Linda Lowery and Richard Keep -  Illustrations by Janice Lee Porter
Carolrhoda Books – HARDCOVER & SOFTCOVER
Ever wonder where chocolate came from? We have the Mayan king Kukulkn to thank. Kukulkn is more than a king. He is also a god. One day he brings his people an amazing gift: a chocolate tree! But there is just one problem. Kukulkns brother, Night Jaguar, doesnt want regular people to have chocolate. He thinks only gods should eat the tempting treat. Will Night Jaguar prevail? Or will the Mayans get to keep their chocolate tree?

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? The Chocolate Tree is an adaptation of an ancient Mesoamerican folktale about how chocolate came to all of us on Earth. Set in Chichén Itzá, the story brings to light the struggle between Mayan god brothers Kukulkan and Night Jaguar over bringing “the food of the gods” to mere Earth-dwellers.  


Georgia O'Keeffe 
By Linda Lowery - Illustrated by Rochelle Draper
Carolrhoda Books HARDCOVER & SOFTCOVER  Ages 4 and up
"It is not easy to write simply well, but Lowery makes this a literary experience as well as a learning one."
 -- Kirkus Reviews
"An interesting look at a complex woman. The book concentrates on her beginnings as an artist, and discusses how she decided to work in her own style, and not in imitation of any other painter.  Overall, a good, easy-to-read biography."  -- Melissa Hudak -- School Library Journal 


Cinco de Mayo
By Linda Lowery - Illustrated by Barbara Knutson
Carolrhoda Books - HARDCOVER & SOFTCOVER - Ages 4 and up
Available in English and in Spanish
It’s fiesta time! Cinco de Mayo is a fiesta day in Mexico and the United States. It’s celebrated on the fifth of May. This colorful holiday honors Mexico’s victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. People march in parades, dance, and set off fireworks. Families enjoy traditional Mexican food and drink. Then they watch people act out the famous battle. Find out more about this joyful celebration of Mexican culture.  


The Tale of La Llorona 
By Linda Lowery & Richard Keep (Adapters),
Janice Lee Porter (Illustrator)

Beware the moonlit river path, the wispy fog along the trail. You may see a woman there, all dressed in white and ghostly pale.
AY-EEEE! she weeps. My Children! You will hear her lonely moan. AY-EEEE! AY-EEEE! She hunts you, haunts you, wants you for her very own!

A fresh, culture-rich adaptation of the classic tale of Mexico’s famous weeping ghost.